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Harsh, but true: in the increasingly fast-paced, online world that business is operating in, it’s simply not enough to have a website, a Facebook page and to send out the odd email.

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  • I have now attended two courses that they've run on how to get the best out of the web and promoting your business website using a variety of the tools that are available (free of charge!) The courses were pitched at the level of the audience, were instructive and informative. On both occasions I came away full of ideas which I have been able to put to good use. The Digital Formula makes what could be a very dry subject, interesting and informative.

    Malcolm Wilton
  • They gave me the nudge I needed to review the content on my website and tabled a few ideas that could lead to the.increased donations we want to attract into our charity. Simple ideas that can be done quickly and that we can measure. What I liked was that they didn't talk like a techy but spoke in plain English and made me feel anyone can market effectively if we put our minds to it. Definitely worth spending a few hours working with them.

    Nicola Russell-Brooks
  • They make an instant impression with their skills and knowledge in website and SEO management. The experience and expertise they offer is second to none and their advice has been enormously helpful to my company. I will be recommending them to my clients and anyone else that needs support in this critical aspect of business marketing and management.

    Neil Dyer