The Digital Academy

Creating an education programme for digital success

The Digital Academy

To create a solution for small businesses (Micro & SME) that have limited budget however require information (at a small monthly cost) to expand their digital marketing know how and implement the information given. All delivered in easy to digest chunks.

What you get:

The business subscriber will …

  • Understand why they should use digital marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.  To Increase brand awareness, increase customer base, find new customers
  • Understanding how big the digital marketing opportunity is for your business
  • Understand why Digital Marketing matters
  • Understand how to make Digital Marketing work for their business
  • How you can make Digital Marketing their best marketing tool
  • Be educated on the ongoing changes, the challenges and on-going movements in the digital marketing world as they happen
  • Use our tested formula to increase exposure, create a fan base and then ultimately convert this to sales and increase profits
  • Understand how to attract the right customer at the right time with the right message
  • Using digital marketing to re-market and re-sell to existing customers
  • Using Digital Marketing as a ‘customer service tool’
  • Understanding profit boosters … relevance scores, conversion optimizers, video adverts, gifs and the mobile goldmine
  • Give you tools to create and map out great digital marketing campaigns
  • How to create a consistent digital marketing platform for your business
  • How to create great content that is meaningful, engaging and relevant
  • Constantly give you hints, tips, what’s hot, what’s not, news, reviews, etc
  • Learn the tools how to monitor and measure your results
  • Entry to a Facebook forum group to share your thoughts, results, outcomes and ideas with like minded business people
  • All in one solution – all at one place
  • Ad Hoc important news flash messages as and when straight to your in box (and to be put up on the facebook group page)
  • Online support and Q&A facility
  • Quarterly meetings and group training with guest speakers – Networking opportunity

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